New City Ltd.
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University of Wolverhampton

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The Future

We are set to move into larger offices because we have grown and grown over recent times.

Our long-term aims/objectives are simple:

  • We are set to expand into larger offices in October. This is because we have grown and grown over recent times, and we require more room to service our clients, whilst also continuing to improve and evolve as a company.
  • Take advantage of any potential niches in the market that we may stumble upon
  • We aim to continue to look after all our customers who we have dealt with throughout the years, and therefore not let our standards slip.
  • We will continue to use any new cleaning materials that are available in our industry to ensure that as well as using the top of the range products, we also stay ahead of the competition. However, these will be thoroughly tested by ourselves before we use them for our clients needs.
  • We aim to expand the franchising division of the company.

We pride ourselves on the standard of our work, and this is reflected in the fact that our clients who we work for will use us again in the future, which in turn leads to steady growth in the market.

However we donít just want to get bigger and bigger if it has a detrimental effect on the standard of the work provided. Obviously we want New City to become even more successful, but we want to ensure that we stay ahead of the competition, and that our clients continue to respect and appreciate the service we provide. At the end of the day, if our work begins to falter, clients will go elsewhere, and who would blame them?

We noticed that many companies had problems with cleaning contractors, but since we introduced questionnaires based on the standards of our cleaners, this problem for our clients has generally improved. It ensures that our cleaners work extra hard to achieve good feedback from these questionnaires, and that we can deal with any issues quickly and efficiently without it affecting our clients reputation. It helps to ensure that we donít just stand still as a company, and that we do really care about our reputation in this industry!

Another way of assessing our work is via random spot checks that our Supervisors do. They regularly attend sites where our cleaners clean and check that the work they do is up to scratch. This is a random way of ensuring that the service we offer to our clients is good enough, and if not, then why, and what needs to change? Again, our clients appreciate this, as it saves them time and hassle having to do it themselves, and once again shows that we really do care about the service we offer!

We ensure that our uniformed staff look the part when they clean at any site (no matter how small or big) which ensures they look smart and presentable, and that doesnít lower the tone of our clients strong reputation, which as 'customer faced' is very important. Everyone therefore knows who the cleaners, as they know where they are from.