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Miller Homes (Midlands)


Showhome, Window Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning & Site Cleaning


"New City are reliable and efficient, it really makes a difference!! We can call on them at anytime, and their level of service never drops. They have worked with us in a highly professional manner to create a very cost effective production. The quality of the finished work creates the impact we needed and successfully delivers the key messages in a clear, concise and above all, engaging way. I do not need to be convinced, as it has been proven time and time again that the work they do has a highly significant impact on our business."

"One of the main problems we faced before our agreement with New City was with regard to our client questionnaires that our customers fill in. The main focus of a global organization like ourselves is to ensure that we receive nothing but positive feedback from our customers. This wasnít the case, as the responses were genuinely disappointing, so we had to improve, enter New City. The results have been nothing but positive, and the only question I now ask myself is why didnít we use New City from the start? We will not be making mistakes like this again, and we cannot be more grateful to New City for all their efforts."

"The difference between New City and their competitors is that they work harder than them all to not just only match our requirements, but also exceed them. I am certain that their staff fully understood the image we want to convey, which is something that from using other companies, does not always happen. It is finally good to use an organisation that is both professional and friendly, and that can turn up at short notice where others would let you down. We are all aware that the high standards set by New City do not come along every day."


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